Trail surface and conditions

Rail Trail width

The width of the Casino to Bentley section is generally four metres with some parts reducing to 2.5 metres.

Always keep to the left and be aware of other users. Leave plenty of room to pass – a metre matters. You can read more about trail safety and rules here.

Rail Trail surface

The first kilometre of the rail trail, from Old Casino Station to past the Naughtons Gap Road carpark is asphalt, with the remainder crushed granite, with a spray seal on the section over the Naughtons Gap Tunnel.


Rail Trail Gradient

As a former railway, the Northern Rivers Rail Trail is relatively flat with no hills or mountains. For the majority of the Richmond section the Rail Trail has a maximum grade of slope of 4.5%, making it a suitable trail for all types of users, transport and fitness levels. The approach to the tunnel increases to 15%.


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