Before planning your journey, please see below for all current notifications along Tweed section of the Northern Rivers Rail Trail.

Notification type Section impacted Details Posted date
The intersection of Tunnel Road and The Bloodwoods heading south to the Burringbar Range Tunnel. Rail Trail surface repairs are scheduled for a small section of the Rail Trail on Monday 26 February from 7.30 am to 3.00 pm. The affected area is just south of the Tunnel Road and The Bloodwoods intersection, heading towards the Burringbar Range Tunnel.

During these repairs, the Rail Trail will remain open to users, and traffic controls will be in place. Brief delays should be expected.  To ensure the safety of our users, riders will be requested to dismount and walk through the section where the works are taking place.

14 February 2023
General advice Whole Tweed section Watch out! Snakes about! Snake season is here so remember, these creatures are a natural part of our environment.

At all times, Rail Trail users should:

  • Stay on the Rail Trail. Do not enter nearby bushland.
  • Be aware and keep an eye out for them.
  • Not try to touch or move them. (Most snake bites occur when people try to handle or interact with snakes).
  • Leave snakes alone, and they are likely to get out of your way if you give them the opportunity.
  • Knowing basic snake bite first aid and having the right supplies can make all the difference.
  • If you need first aid or treatment for snake bite, call 000 immediately.

Let’s make safety a priority while exploring the Rail Trail.

8 September 2023


Types of notification include track closures, major event impacts, planned maintenance and other unplanned impacts that may disrupt rail trail usage. This does not include standard maintenance, weather events, standard debris and other issues we’re unaware of.

If you notice any issues on the rail trail, please use our online form to report a problem / incident.


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