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Share the trail - trail safety tips and rules

Safety tips Rules Checklist

The Northern Rivers Rail Trail is a shared recreation and nature trail where users can walk, ride and explore at their own pace. Please follow the safety tips and rules so that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.

To decide if the rail trail is suitable for your personal abilities, interests, and safety, explore rail trail users or view the rail trail map.

You are enjoying a shared nature trail, with adjoining farmland, which means being aware of and planning for potential risks including:

  1. natural environment (for example: fallen trees or trail debris)
  2. built environment (for example, electric fences on private property)
  3. wildlife and animals: (for example, snakes, insects, farm animals, horses, dogs)
  4. personal injury (for example, collision between trail users).

Watch the videos below, download your copy of the safety tips and rules and read our frequently asked questions.

Rail trail safety tips

In an emergency call 000.

Location markers are placed every 1 km along the trail. They have unique codes to help emergency services or others locate you. Read more about emergency information.

Tip 1: Share the trail

Northern Rivers Rail Trail safety sign - Share the trail

Keep left, pass on the right and do not block the trail for other users.

Tip 2: Be safe

Northern Rivers Rail Trail safety sign - Be safe

Slow down, use safe speeds and alert others before passing.

Tip 3: Be alert

Northern Rivers Rail Trail safety sign - Be safe

Take extra care around children, animals and wildlife. Watch out, snakes are about.

Tip 4: Be visible

Northern Rivers Rail Trail safety sign - Be safe

Use lights and reflectors, wear bright colours or high visibility items to help others see you.

Tip 5: Be prepared

Northern Rivers Rail Trail safety sign - Be safe

Plan your trip, take supplies and tell someone before you go. Do not rely on phone reception.

Rail trail rules

  1. Pedestrians have right of way.
  2. Keep left and pass with a gap – a metre matters.
  3. Allowed on the trail:
    1.  bicycles and e-bicycles (up to 250w)
    2.  accessibility devices, wheelchairs and mobility scooters
    3.  push scooters on sealed sections only
    4.  prams
    5.  dogs on short leads – pick up after your dog
    6.  horses with permit in designated areas (read more about trail use for horse riding).
  4. Not allowed on the trail:
    1.  e-scooters or petrol-powered bicycles
    2.  motorcycles, trail bikes, quad bikes, cars or similar
    3.  all other motorised recreational vehicles
    4.  horses without permit.
  5. Cyclists must use helmets, bells, safety gear and ride at safe speeds.
  6. Leave no trace. Take rubbish with you and protect native plants and wildlife.
  7. No smoking or e-cigarettes on the Trail.
  8. No camping or fires on the Trail.
  9. Do not feed the wildlife.
  10. Do not enter private property.

Plan, pack and prepare checklist

To make your rail trail experience a great one, here is our ‘pack and prepare checklist’ that we recommend:

  1.  Tell someone where you are going and when you will be back.
  2.  Check the weather and current Rail Trail alerts before you head off.
  3.  Download the Emergency Plus app to your phone in case you need to call triple 000 and have no phone reception.
  4.  Have a hard copy of the rail trail map or download it.
  5.  Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for a nature trail.
  6.  Take plenty of water, food, or snacks.
  7.  Wear a hat and sunscreen. Don’t forget to save and protect your skin with these 5 sunsmart steps:
    5 sunsmart steps: slip, slop, slap, seek, slide
  8.  Have a torch or light, such as the flashlight on your phone. Especially for the Burringbar Range Tunnel as it is 500 m long with no lighting and very poor visibility.
  9.  Take a first aid kit or snake bite kit.
  10.  If you are riding, pack a bike repair kit and pump.
  11.  If walking a dog, take a short leash and pet poo bags.
  12.  Consider if you need to take a small amount of cash for small business or farmgate stalls where EFTPOS may not be available. Read more about supporting the Trail.

You can report a problem online or contact us with any other questions.


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