Things to see and do

Discover Casino’s scenic landscape and charming town with these must-see spots which offer spectacular views and unforgettable experiences. With so much to explore, you won’t want to miss a thing:

  1. Step back in time at the Old Casino Station site, the Rail Trail Head, and immerse yourself in the history of our region. The timber Federation-era station was built in 1903 at the height of the golden age of railways and now houses the Old Casino Station Museum in conjunction with the Casino Miniature Railway.
  2. Appreciate nature as you traverse Naughtons Gap Tunnel. The curved design of this 265-metre railway tunnel restricts light from its centre, making it the perfect home to two threatened microbat species: the large bent-winged bat and the Little Bent-winged Bat. Make sure to take in the expansive vistas of the rural grazing lands laid out around you from the top.
  3. Nature lovers will enjoy the flora along the trail. Spot the Thorny Pea, a small shrub with pink or purple flowers produced during summer. Impressive grass trees can be seen nestled under the large gums with grey or bluish-green leaves. Aboriginal people have traditionally used these plants in various ways, and they have the amazing ability to thrive in harsh conditions.
  4. Admire the rivers, creeks, streams and billabongs throughout the beautiful scenery along the Rail Trail. The Southern Purple Spotted Gudgeon has been sighted in slow-flowing or still waters such as Barlings Creek and Back Creek.
  5. Keep an eye out for the plentiful wildlife living along the Rail Trail from Casino to Bentley. You may see frogs, reptiles, kangaroos, wallabies, koalas and an array of birdlife along your journey.
  6. Visit Casino and follow the Scenic and Historical Walk signs to be guided through the town’s compelling history and picturesque locations. Discover stunning heritage buildings, fascinating stories of the past, and the beauty of the mighty Richmond River.
  7. Be inspired with a visit to the Northern Rivers Military Museum and Casino Historical Museum. They are must-do activities for those interested in military and settlement history.
  8. Don’t miss the iconic Art Deco-painted water tower in South Casino. The impressive mural reflects our region and includes vivid scenery, local indigenous traditions and totems, as well as the lively waterways.


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