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Distances – Tweed section How long will it take?

Location markers

Location marker on the Trail

At every kilometre along the trail there is a Location Marker with a unique code.  They start with the letters NRRT followed by 3 numbers, which identifies the number of kilometres in distance from the trailhead at Murwillumbah Railway Station.

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Distances – Tweed section

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Distances (km) between various points along Northern Rivers Rail Trail – Tweed section
Murwillumbah Railway Station Tweed Regional Gallery Stokers Siding Station Upper Burringbar Station Burringbar Station Mooball Station Crabbes Creek Station
Murwillumbah Railway Station Trail Head 2.2 km 8.3 km 15.4 km 18.7 km 20.85 km 23.7 km
Tweed Regional Gallery 2.2 km 6.1 km 13.2 km 16.5 km 18.65 km 21.5 km
Stokers Siding Station 8.3 km 6.1 km 7.1 km 10.4 km 12.55 km 15.4 km
Upper Burringbar Station 15.4 km 13.2 km 7.1 km 3.3 km 5.45 km 8.3 km
Burringbar Station 18.7 km 16.5 km 10.4 km 3.3 km 2.15 km 5.0 km
Mooball Station 20.85 km 18.65 km 12.55 km 5.45 km 2.15 km 2.85 km
Crabbes Creek Station 23.7 km 21.5 km 15.4 km 8.3 km 5.0 km 2.85 km

How long will it take?

Based on averages of:

Person walking icon Walking:
5 km/h

Person running icon Running:
10 km/h

Person cycling icon Riding (leisure):
15 km/h

Person cycling icon Riding (enthusiast):
25 km/h

Expand the boxes below to see the distances and travel times between the various points. All the distances and times below are based on a one-way journey; for the return journey, simply double the figure. Times are approximate, please use your own judgement and allow additional time for breaks or anything unplanned.

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