Bridges and tunnels

The Tweed section

The Tweed section of the Northern Rivers Rail Trail features 26 bridges and 2 tunnels. Of the 26 bridges, you will cross 16 of them which are a mix of new timber bridges and new modular bridges. The bridges at Dunbible, Colin Street and Mooball have been refurbished and rebuilt with a new steel coating to preserve their history.

The 2 tunnels are Burringbar Range Tunnel (500 m) and Hulls Road Tunnel (50 m). Burringbar Range Tunnel is one of NSW’s longest train tunnels coming in at 500 m. Unlike many rail tunnels in Australia, it is long enough to provide suitable darkness for microbats to roost in. The tunnel also provides an excellent dark moist habitat for glow worms to thrive. To help protect our wildlife, when visiting the tunnel please be considerate of the animals that use the tunnel as their home. Please observe quietly and move through the tunnel safely.

The tunnel is not lit to preserve the glow worms and microbats that inhabit it, so it has low light and poor visibility. Visitors should bring a torch and riders should dismount for safety.

The closest access point and best way to access the Burringbar Range Tunnel is a 2.4km journey from the nearest entry point. The best way to access Burringbar Range Tunnel is to park at Upper Burringbar and travel the 2.4km to the tunnel entry. Tunnel Road, which is 2.2km to the north of the tunnel is local resident traffic and provides no access to the Burringbar Range Tunnel or the Northern Rivers Rail Trail. Please respect private property and do not trespass on private land to attempt to access the Burringbar Range Tunnel.

If you are after an easier to access tunnel experience, we recommend trying Hulls Road Tunnel which is 50m long and accessed by parking at Mooball and travelling an approximate 2km south.

For more detailed information about the rail trail, refer to our frequently asked questions.



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