Tweed section

The 24 km Tweed section is an easy and smooth ride for leisure and enthusiasts alike and features sealed asphalt (from Murwillumbah Railway Station to the Tweed Regional Gallery and between Burringbar and Mooball Stations). The rest of the trail is a very solid compacted gravel suitable for all riders and mobility devices. With a gradual incline and gradient slope at a maximum of 4.5%, it is a suitable trail for all rides. Some shorter and steeper sections where pathways bypass bridges have a slope up to 15%.

Along the Trail are 6 nodes to rest at, each with bike racks. For cyclists, the Murwillumbah Railway Station precinct features a free bike repair station and pump to assist with any bike needs. There are bike air pumps (suitable for dual valves) at Murwillumbah Railway Station, Burringbar Station and Mooball Station.

The connection to the Tweed Regional Gallery is steep and may not be suitable some riders to carry their bikes up if a trip to the Gallery is part of your plans. Your bike security is your responsibility when on the Trail, please secure your bike if you decide to leave it unattended.


Richmond section

The width of the 13.4 km section between Casino to Bentley is generally 4 metres with some parts reducing to 2.5 metres. The first km of the rail trail, from Old Casino Station to past the Naughtons Gap Road carpark is asphalt, with the remainder crushed granite, with a spray seal on the section over the Naughtons Gap Tunnel. For the majority of the Richmond section the Rail Trail has a maximum grade of slope of 4.5%, making it a suitable trail for all types of users, transport and fitness levels. The approach to the tunnel increases to 15%.

rail Trail community weekend Bike riders at the entrance to the Burringbar Tunnel on the Northern Rivers Rail Trail


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